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Getting support from the community for sustainable transformation. What’s your strategy?

There is no lack in ambition when it comes to sustainable transformations in the Netherlands.The bar is set high by Europe, the government and municipalities. The goals of the municipalities are expressed in their policies, which are tightened regarding energy transformation, CO2-emissions, mobility, reuse of materials, etc. However, change cannot be reached without the support of the community. CO2-emissions will not get lower if people won’t change their behavior. New mobility concepts will not break through if people still prefer driving their own car to work.  Changing policy does not automatically lead to a change inpractice.

Creating added value for the community in sustainable interventions is one of the most challenging tasks for municipalities today. In our workshop we offer you that challenge. A municipality wants to redevelop an urban area and has set high goals regarding sustainability. However, there is a lot of resistance from the community. How would you cope with this and gain their support? Afterwards we will discuss the assignment and share our best practices with you. 

Note: this workshop will be in Dutch

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