Application for the new board

Online Walk-in hours

Tuesday 13 April — 10:00-12:00 — Chairman & Vice-Chairman
Wednesday 14 April — 10:00-12:00 — Secretary & Treasurer
Thursday 15 April — 10:00-12:00 — Internal Relations & External Relations

You can access the Online Walk-in Hours via, click this link

Are you looking to gain experience next to your study, develop your professional network and organize one of the largest spatial planning events in the Netherlands? You can now apply for the next years’ Geo Promotion board! To apply, send a motivational letter including your CV to You can apply for the Geo Promotion Board until the 18th of April.

More information is shown below. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask!

The Geo Promotion foundation

The Geo Promotion foundation is established in 1986 by students from the Faculty of Spatial Sciences (FSS) at the University of Groningen. During its existence this foundation has organized conferences and symposia about relevant themes in the field of planning, geography and real estate. This with the aim of promoting the integration between business, government and students.

The Board

The foundation is being managed by the board. The board consists  of six students of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, which changes every year. Throughout the year, the board is responsible for all duties of the foundation, such as: keeping contact with the faculty, public relations of the foundation and (most importantly) organizing the Geo Promotion conference.


The board is currently divided into six different functions. These are: chairman, secretary, treasurer, vice-chairman, internal relations and external relations. Even though some tasks and responsibilities can be carried out by any board member, some tasks are inherent to one of these six functions.

Function Explanation

The chairman is responsible for managing the board and keeping the overview throughout the whole year. He/she prepares the agenda, leads the meetings and distributes the tasks.

Key words: natural leader, overview, comfortable with speaking in front of an audience


The secretary is mainly occupied with written communication, internal as well as external. He/she makes minutes of the meetings.

Key words: structured, organized, writing skills, fluent in English


The treasurer keeps an eye on the financial side of the organization. He/she makes a budget at the start of the year, has a clear overview of the (estimate) costs and revenues throughout the year, and makes sure any invoices are paid in time.

Key words: structured, organized, independent


The vice-chairman can best be seen as a supporting role for the chairman and the whole board. He/she can help other board members with important tasks and is able to find tasks for him-/herself. In times of a chairman’s absence, the vice-chairman should always be able to pick up the tasks of the chairman.

Key words: all-rounder, creative/innovative

Internal Relations

The commissioner Internal Relations is responsible for the design and planning of the promotion of the conference. He/she is concerned with the public relations of the conference and handles the (social) media and website.

Key words: creative, design skills, independent

External Relations

The commissioner External Relations is responsible for (coordinating) the acquisition. He/she focusses on finding interesting partners for the conference, but also oversees the external contacts other board members have.

Key words: communicative, overview, networking skills

Why should you apply for a Geo Promotion board year?

  • Great opportunity to get experience next to your study
  • Learn to work in a close group
  • Organize the biggest spatial planning event in the northern Netherlands
  • Learn how to connect with the working field
  • Improve your CV and personal network

Costs of a Geo Promotion board year

  • Between 5 and 20 hours a week. (It gets busier closer to the event)
  • Financial costs can be invoiced

Application procedure

General information

  • Application for the board of 2021-2022 is open until the 18th of April 23:59.
  • Application can be send to
  • Please attach your CV and motivational letter with your application.

Motivational letter

In a motivational letter you explain why you want to apply and why we should choose you. The letter consists of the following points at minimum:

  • the reason for your application
  • the board position(s) you want to apply for

The letter can be written in Dutch or English.


When we receive your application we will send a receipt. We will contact again after closing of the application deadline to give you further information and to make an appointment for the interview. We hope to make known the new board in May. June will be used for transmission.