Application for the new board

The Geo Promotion foundation

The Geo Promotion foundation is established in 1986 by students from the Faculty of Spatial Sciences (FSS) at the University of Groningen. During its existence this foundation has organized conferences and symposia about relevant themes in the field of planning, geography and real estate. This with the aim of promoting the integration between business, government and students.

The board

The foundation is being managed by six board members. These board members are students of the FSS and they change every year. During their board year, they are responsible for all the duties of the foundation, such as: keeping contact with the Faculty, promotion of the foundation and organizing a conference.


The board exists from a from a chairman, secretary, treasurer, vice-chairman, intern and extern. Each function has a number of specific tasks, but there is also a large number of tasks that are not attributed to a specific function but can be picked up by any function.


Function Explanation

As chairman you are responsible for managing the board and keeping the overview. The chairman conducts meetings, creates the agenda for meetings and divides the tasks.


Key words: natural leader, experience with speaking in front of groups


As secretary you are busy with written communication, intern as well as extern.


Key words: structured, communication skills


The treasurer keeps an eye on the pennies and can well estimate the costs and revenues. You invoices companies and keeps the budget tight.


Key words: financial skills


The vice president often has a supporting role and is also busy with the day program. You are a handyman and often go with conversations and help with larger ones tasks.


Key words: solution-oriented


The intern is responsible for the design and promotion of the event. This function gets heavier closer to the event.


Key words: experience with programmes like InDesign


You coordinate the acquisition. This function is the heaviest halfway the organisation.


Key words: Networking skills, communicative

Why should you apply for a Geo Promotion board year?

  • Great opportunity to get experience next to your study
  • Learn to work in a close group
  • Organize the biggest spatial planning event in the northern Netherlands
  • Learn how to connect with the working field
  • Improve your CV and personal network

Costs of a Geo Promotion board year

  • Between 5 and 20 hours a week. (It gets busier closer to the event)
  • Financial costs can be invoiced

Application procedure

General information

  • Application for the board of 2018-2019 is open until the 30th of March.
  • Application can be send to
  • Please attach your CV and motivational letter with your application.

Motivational letter

In a motivational letter you explain why you want to apply and why we should choose you. The letter consists of the following points at minimum:

  • the reason for your application
  • the board positions you want to apply for

The letter can be written in Dutch or English.


When we receive your application we will send a receipt. We will contact again after closing of the application deadline to give you further information and to make an appointment for the interview. We hope to make known the new board in May. June will be used for transmission.

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