Application form

Application form

  • Through this form you can apply for the Geo Promotion event on the 23rd of february 2018. When we know all the companies who will hold a workshop you will receive an email where you can sign up for the workshops. The plenary part will be in English. For the workshops, some workshops will be in English, but most of them are in Dutch.
  • Payment

  • If you prefer to receive an invoice for your organization ((non) profit only), please indicate this with the other remarks below. The invoice will then be sent to the e-mail address you provided. Enter a 0 in the fields of the bank account.
  • It is not possible yet to subscribe for workshops. As soon as we know all the workshop partners, we will send a form to your email.
  • Terms and conditions

  • If you agree with our terms and conditions you grant permission for payment of the participation by means of a one-off direct debit. You can unsubscribe free of charge until 5 working days before the event - until 18 February 2018, if we do not receive a cancellation, the full participation fee will be charged. For students, ninety euros will be charged if not cancelled in time. Click on our terms and conditions here. -contact us for questions about the terms and conditions-
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