The energy transition poses new spatial challenges that cannot be solved by the traditional levels of governance. National and regional governments cannot provide customized local solutions, while local municipalities lack the strength to provide an efficient and integral approach. The current trend is the development of Regional Energy Strategies (RES) to fill this gap. In this workshop APPM will provide insight to why the regional and local level is such an important playing field in the energy transition. Through an in-depth analysis of the complex interplay between factual information, governance structures, cooperation and stakeholders you will learn how to create widely supported energy strategies.

APPM is a consulting firm in which 85 consultants work together to reach their shared goal: to make the Netherlands more beautiful. Their process managers act as facilitators and offer solutions in the organization of complex spatial development challenges in the domains of energy, infrastructure, water, mobility and real estate. Situated in Hoofddorp, Rotterdam and Breda, they work with passion and pride. Mark van Kerkhof is as managing consultant energy and climate in charge of the projects in this field.

Note: this workshop will be in Dutch