The committee of recommendation

The committee of recommendation  consists of leading politicians or scientists who have worked with Geo Promotion in the past. We would like to introduce you to:



Drs. H.B. (Bas) Eenhoorn



Jacques Wallage


Prof. dr. O (Oscar) Couwenberg

Dean Faculty of Spatial Sciences
  at the University of Groningen

 Drs. H.B. (Bas) Eenhoorn

National Commissioner for the Digital Government & old mayor of different municipalities

 Drs. M.M. (Mark) Frequin

Director-general Accessibility at
  the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

 Prof. drs. J. (Jacques) Wallage

Former mayor Groningen & Chairman of the Raad van Openbaar Bestuur






Prof. dr. E. (Elmer) Sterken

Rector Magnificus at the University of

Prof. dr. J.M. (Jacqueline) Cramer

Former minister of VROM


Dhr. Y.C.M.G. (Yves) de Boer

Former member gedeputeerde staten &
 current mayor Werkendam

Prof. dr. G. (Gert) de Roo

Professor at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences