De Zwarte Hond

De Zwarte Hond is a design agency for architecture, urban design and strategy with offices in Groningen, Rotterdam and Cologne. Through a combination of social commitment and craftsmanship, we create high-quality projects that are sensitive to their context, the needs of users and the vision of our customer.

We design places, buildings and whole environments that look out of the ordinary. Conceived, rather than created; built to last and flexible enough to move on to a new phase of life in the future. Yet our places always touch the heart. Designing and realising interwoven spaces, that’s the essence of our office: we unite architecture and urban design. That combination defines us to the core.


During our workshop we explore methods and your input which support us at a specific project in the municipality of Groningen. As a student during this workshop you will be challenged to think about how different organizations and stakeholders can work together for realizing a project with the help of Virtual Reality. The workshop members will be challenged to discuss and argument their viewpoint on various statements.

Workshop Format: Microsoft Teams

Workshop length: 45 min

Intro by De Zwarte Hond: 2-5 min

Explanation Case: 5 min

Discussion: 30 min

Recap: 10 min