Eelerwoude is a Dutch consultancy firm with local knowledge and a local network. We consult on the development, design, and spatial planning of the outdoors, both rural as urban. Our solutions for complex questions are original but realistic. With 4 offices in the Netherlands we are able to perform innovative projects in all regions of the country. Our consultants, planners, landscape architects, ecologists and land agents strive to realize the aspirations of our clients as well as the dreams of our own children. Therefore we go further then quick scans, feasibility studies and abstract policies. Consequently sustainability is in our DNA.

Within all our projects in the past 34 years of existence, the management of historical estates is a consistent one.  This is a perfect case for the workshop we mentor during the Geo Promotion Event.

During the workshop we will explore the possibilities of energizing landscapes now and in the future. We discuss what challenges do landowners, local and regional governments and inhabitants of rural areas face in accomplishing sustainable energy goals. From different perspectives and distinctive motives we conclude, in a playfull way, the do’s and don’ts concerning energizing landscapes. We will involve you as lively as possible in our daily work as a consultant in the ever changing outdoors.

Note: this workshop will be in Dutch Logo-Eelerwoude