We are IMAGEM. We are translators and location intelligence is our domain. We translate data from the dynamically changing environment to make data-driven decisions. With our hybrid software platform, we convert real-time data into usable information. Self-learning algorithms embedded in our solutions help continually improve predictions. The map of the future is a smart app that translates the complex world into dynamic information and interactive infographics. This creates insight, enabling us to adequately respond to changes in the world around us. We translate geospatial data and business information into knowledge and insight, and give meaning to things that
matter. We help you get a better grip on the future.

The Netherlands aims to reduce emissions from energy production. This entails moving away from traditional energy to clean and green energy though windmills, solar panels and so on. This transition from ‘grey’ to ‘green’ energy, and the drive to save on consumption levels have resulted in multiple short, medium and long projects by the government. The Energy Transition Dashboard is a dashboard enables real-time visualisation of the effects of deploying new forms of green energy and savings. This flexible and modular dashboard helps the federal government set up tasks and milestones required to meet local demands. The Energy Transition Dashboard is based on Smart M.App technology and is being created by IMAGEM in collaboration with their partner NedGraphics. Attend this workshop for a hands on experience on Smart M.App technology and how it was used to build the Energy Transition Dashboard. Requirements for attendees: Bring your own laptop with Google Chrome browser installed.
Presenters: Dirk Voets, Account Manager & Hester Bijen, Geospatial Solutions Specialist