Keynote speakers

Ewout Versloot

Fascinated by the changes in urban development and tourism, Ewout Versloot works as a strategic advisor for Rotterdam Partners: the city marketing organization for the city of Rotterdam. He is critical of the conventional way in which a lot of destinations look at tourism, and is trying to rethink tourism. He analyzes the risks of tourism and how they affect cities, regions and the lives of the people living and working there.

For Rotterdam, he is advising the city on a new vision on the value of tourism. Not just economic value, but additional benefit for other aspects of society as well.


Edith Kuijper

Water safety, an import feature in our spatial planning! Our next speaker is Edith Kuijper, advisor crisis management at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Although the focus in the Netherlands is almost always on high water levels, last year she’s been pretty busy with the drought. She has a diverse professional background in fields such as crisis management, water resource management and environmental awareness, all within the government administration.


Vincent van der Vlies 

Vincent van der Vlies is managing consultant safety and crisis management at Berenschot. Vincent wrote a dissertation at the Radboud University concerning the transport of hazardous materials and how this afects urban development in the Netherlands. During his research he started working as a consultant on a variety of safety and security topics, such as transport safety, security of cruise ships, soccer and security, political and strategical risk management. He is mainly interested in how safety and security may be managed by interventions in spatial planning, but also how institutions influence risk management.

In his keynote he will therefore reflect on safety in the built environment and critically elaborate on how institutions function in practice by focusing on the question: are we planning in accordance to Murphy’s law and should we expect the expected?


Gretha Leever

My name is Gretha Leever, studied Economy & Law (Hanze), Regional Geography & Spatial Planning (RUG) and Crisis Management. The main part of my working experience is dedicated to public service in different fields, like social welfare, urban planning, waste management, energy savings, environment protection, special advisor to the local government, public health and public order and security.

Working for the local government, mainly in the Netherlands, for Groningen Municipality and through the GGD (regional health department) for all the municipalities in the province of Groningen. After the conflict in Kosovo I have been working in Kosovo for almost six years for the European Commission, the United Nations and VNG International as Local Expert. In my current job at the GGD I try to connect public health and security with spatial planning, climate-adaptation, energy transition, and other fields, amongst several other tasks like crisis coordinator and the transition of the GGD.