On the Geo Promotion conference 2020, the following people will be hosting an inspiring keynote:

Cody Hochstenbach¬† –¬† Postdoctoral researcher of the University of Amsterdam

Cody Hochstenbach is postdoctoral researcher in urban geography at the University of Amsterdam. His research focuses on (spatial) inequalities on the housing market and in cities. Besides that, he studies the influence of housing policy and politics. In July 2019 he received a NWO Veni grant. This grant allows him to conduct a three-year research project on the influence of private investors buying houses to rent out. Cody writes a column for Dutch news channel RTL Z once every two weeks and regularly writes for other media.
At the conference, Cody will show how spatial inequalities on the housing market increased in recent years in the Netherlands. Differences between urban and rural areas have grown, but socio-spatial divides within almost all cities have also increased. In his keynote he will explain these growing spatial differences, why this is a problem, and what we can do about it.