Nienke Homan

Nienke Homan is since 2015 part of the provincial executive of the Province of Groningen, for the party GroenLinks. She is among other things responsible for energy transition and the environment. Besides this, she is climate ambassador for the ministry of infrastructure and environment. Nienke Homan is deeply motivated to make the energy transition in Groningen a success and does what she can to accelerate it.

During the event, Nienke Homan will talk about what the goals of the Province of Groningen are, how they are realizing their goals within the energy transition and what struggles they come across. A special interest will be on the spatial implementation of renewable energy projects. Particularly wind turbines, but also solar fields are building up as a pressure on our landscape. And although the province of Groningen produced 15,6% of its energy consumption through renewables, there is still a lot to be done to achieve our goals. How can we involve Groningen their inhabitants in the energy transition,  and how can we organize a playing field in which they have a fair chance to influence the developments in their surroundings? How can they participate in the revenues of renewable energy, from which they also experience the drawbacks?

Energy-transition may be the new guiding principle in spatial organization. But our society demands we design it in co-creation.Nienke_Homan_E_01-05-2015