Provincie Groningen

Energy is one of the Province’s key concerns. Say Groningen and you will immediately think of energy and natural gas. But energy is more than natural gas alone.  At present we are working on the production of sustainable energies.The Province closely cooperates with the provincial municipalities, its neighbouring provinces and foreign state authorities. The three Northern Netherlands provinces Groningen, Drenthe and Frysl├ón have joined forces in a cooperative partnership named Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland (SNN).  Furthermore, the Province takes part in international cooperative partnerships with Northern Germany and Sweden.


On the Geo Promotion event the Province of Groningen will facilitate two workshops. The first one is the We Energy Game. In this game it is all about creating a sustainable energy mix and making villages and towns energy neutral. This requires bargaining and combinations that provides the community with sufficient energy and keeps all the different interests in balance wins. The game will be played with members of the Provincial council. The second workshop will be a debate about the energy transition, also with members from the Provincial council. In this setting there will be an opportunity for sharing great thoughts and ideas and deliberating them.

Note: this workshop will be in Dutch.