RIO Projects

The consultants and engineers of RIO projects work on a variety of topics in the field of housing and rural development, energy-transition, smart society and reinforcement of buildings (due to the effects of earthquakes). With its homebase located on the Zernike Campus, RIO projects works for clients in the public and private sector. The partners of RIO projects are well experienced in projectmanagement and focus on the benefits for their clients, often, by using a different/creative method our approach to reach projectgoals. Therefore RIO projects’ slogan is “Let’s change how projects are done”. Recently RIO projects and the Faculty of Spatial Sciences collaborate in Student Labs. Student Labs offers courses and working experiences for students. For more information about the student labs, click HERE.


Zernike Campus als Living Lab:

The Zernike Campus is a home for 35,000 students, 150 companies and 4,000 jobs in the city of Groningen. It is a breeding ground for talent and innovation. With two universities and many young entrepreneurs, Zernike Campus is the place in the Northern Netherlands where science, education and innovative entrepreneurship can come together. We seek for an inspiring playground where entrepreneurs from both the universities and companies from the region can work together on topics considering the energy transition. In our workshop, we will challenge you to think about the Zernike Campus as a ‘Living Lab’, a hotspot for talent development.

Note: this workshop will be in Dutch