Douwe Blanksma & Wyko Coopman will introduce the Maptionnaire platform. Maptionnaire is an online tool to collect and share ideas and experiences on a map. This location intelligent based and visually very strong tool is worldwide used in all kinds of participation parts of projects, especially where the urban space is in transition. Douwe & Wyko represent the company Ruimteschepper; a network-platform that connects geo-professionals and organizes all kinds of inspirational knowledge sessions.

In this workshop, the focus will be on how to use public participation in energizing the future. For a large part, the energy transition has to be organized bottom-up, so by the public instead of by institutions. What can you connect to (other) citizens? How would you like to help? How will the public space in my ‘backyard’ change when the transition really takes place? With Maptionnaire it is possible to make changes in the public space visual and interactive in a fun and powerful way. Use the power of the crowd! After a short introduction of Maptionnaire, the attendees will be asked to participate in a futuristic way. The topic of the questionnaire will of course be energizing the future!


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