Weusthuis en Partners

Weusthuis en Partners is an independent advisory agency for spatial development. They are specialized in managing complex processes with several stakeholders and conflicting interests. The 15 employees of Weusthuis en Partners have different backgrounds and work in both urban and rural areas. Their clients are mostly local governments, provinces, housing corporations and water authorities. This year they worked on projects concerning revitalization of retail areas, the challenges in the earthquake-area, demographic decline, sustainability, liveability, real estate, water policies and more. The central goal for Weusthuis en Partners is to add value to our society. they work mostly in the northern part of the Netherlands and their office is located in the citycenter of Groningen.


To boost the production of solar energy, they developed a method which fits perfectly in the new law ‘Omgevingswet’. This law invites Weusthuis en Partners to give the environment an essential role in spatial development, in many ways. They use this method in a project for the province of Friesland, called ‘Sinnetafels’. The power of this method is to create a constructive dialogue between the involving parties, in order to achieve the best integration of a solar field in the environment. In their workshop, they will invite you to experience this method. The workshop is held in Dutch.

Note: this workshop will be in Dutchlogo