Apply now!

❗You can now apply for the next Geo Promotion board ❗

Are you interested in organizing one of the largest spatial planning events in the Netherlands? Do you want to gain experience next to your studies, learn about your future working field?
You can now apply for the 36th Geo Promotion Board! To apply, send your motivational letter and your CV to You can apply until the 8th of May.

You can apply to the specific functions described below:

As the Chairman of the Geo Promotion Board, you need to have a clear overview of all the tasks and duties that are scheduled ahead. You facilitate the meetings with the rest of the board and are responsible for the planning. It is important to create an enabling environment for the rest of your board members to make sure that everyone can make the best of their board year. Finally, you are the representative for the whole foundation, which means that you need to feel comfortable with speaking at the conference.

Vice Chairman
As vice chairman you often have a supporting role within the board. I ensured that my other board members were supported in their tasks when necessary. However, you also have the opportunity to explore your own interests and be in charge of your own tasks such as the day program and the location. You are the ‘handyman’ of the group that assists in larger tasks such as the search for keynote speakers or acquisition. You can look out for your board members and give them an extra hand when they need one and in this way get a taste of every other position within the board!

As secretary of the Geo Promotion board, next to making minutes of the board meetings, you are responsible for most of the outgoing and incoming communication, to keep the mail in an orderly fashion is part of this. Furthermore, you will keep an overview of all the actions that are to be taken by yourself and any other board members, but those actions can always be of your own interest. For instance getting in touch with companies, ensuring you find the right keynotes or anything else that you want to do!

As treasurer of the Geo Promotion board, your main task will be to keep track of all incoming and outgoing finances. This means that you are responsible for budgeting all the financial decisions that the board will make during the year in such a way that the foundation stays healthy. You will also have the possibility to more actively engage in other activities of your interest. This could be either the location, the keynotes or anything else that sparks your interest.

Commissioner Internal Relations
The Commissioner Internal Relations of the Geo Promotion board is responsible for presenting and promoting the activities of the foundation to the public. This means that you are in charge of the website and the social media. Within this function you have a lot of freedom to express your personal design signature by means of (for example) an introduction video, the information booklet, the constitution cards and many more. The sky’s the limit!

Commissioner External Relations
Your main responsibility in this function is (coordinating) the acquisition. You focus on finding interesting partners for the conference, but also oversee the external contacts other board members have. Communication with partnering organizations about Geo Promotion and the event is key for acquiring the needed amount of acquisition. The advantage of this function is that you learn a lot about which companies are active in the working field and what they do.