Conference Host: Tracy Metz

Tracy Metz is a journalist, author, and presenter. After growing up and studying in California she went to Europe where she ended up in the Dutch world of journalism. Here she writes critical, independent, and powerful articles combined with a sense of humour about topics relating to architecture, urbanism, and the environment. She writes for ‘NRC Handelsblad’, ‘De Architect’, and the American magazine ‘Dwell’. Tracy is also the author of several books including ‘Snelweg’, ‘Nieuwe natuur: Reportages over veranderend landschap’, ‘FUN! Leisure and Landscape’ and ‘Sweet&Salt: Water and the Dutch’. Currently, she is developing a podcast (in Dutch) about water called ‘Nattigheid: Opbeurende verhalen over water’. In 2012 Tracy started ‘Stadsleven’, a fascinating live talk show and digital magazine about urban life. Since 2013 Tracy is the director of the John Adams Institute, the center for American Culture in the Netherlands.