DHM Infra

DHM provides unifying project leadership for sustainable infrastructure

As a project management consultancy, DHM works for and with the Dutch infrastructure and construction sector. In our work, we pay close attention to the changing landscape, in which the dynamics of people, water, energy, and data play a vital role. Knowledge growth, collaboration, and social involvement are important core values to us. As a result, both clients and contractors make use of our coaching and supportive working methods.

Smart, circular and digital construction with DHM
The Dutch landscape is a succession of separate elements that are connected to one another due to a strong infrastructure and an advanced mobility system. The various traffic networks in our country are well connected. As a result, we can move about quickly, safely and without friction. This not only makes us feel free, but also strengthens our economy.

At DHM, we work every day on projects that optimise mobility and living and working in our country. For example, we not only improve existing infrastructure assets, but also create new objects which we proudly call ‘artworks’ in Dutch. A condition of every project that we are involved in is minimising the impact on the environment and climate. For example, we reduce our carbon footprint by cutting emissions. We also deal with material scarcity in a smart way, by applying the principle of reuse wherever possible. With this approach, we are making an important contribution to the circular economy.

You can recognise DHM’s project leadership by the attention we pay to systems thinking. Because we work from ‘the big picture’, we retain an overview and are able to zoom in on those things that make a difference. In our work, we are constantly looking for connections with our partners, which puts ‘smart building’ on the map in the Netherlands.

To achieve our ambitions, we must and will continue to learn. That is why we make smart use of digital resources. We also collect data and convert it into useful information. We simulate real-life situations using ‘digital twin’ technology, which improves and accelerates the growth of skills and competences. This way, we become better at our jobs and we can share our knowledge with others, thereby improving the world bit by bit.

Workshop: “Smart decision making: where policy and operational level interplays”

DHM welcomes you to join our workshop: “Smart decision making: where policy and operational level interplays”
In this workshop you will interactively be guided through our recently published Smart Ambitions Monitoring (SAM) model.
SAM is an instrument which helps monitoring the right information at the right level so smart choices can be made at a strategic, tactical and operational level.
Our wish is that policy makers and planners gain the best insight before decision making starts and plan executions follows.
The model helps to define what data, information and insights will help them to manage the challenges in cities even better.
No prior knowledge is required for the workshop. Would you like to know more about smart decision making as a subject? See more at our website

Last february the book “How to manage a smart city” was published. This includes the SAM model (p. 122 – 123) and many other interesting articles.