Geon – Internship

Geon – Internship

Geon bv is an autonomous, independent consultancy firm specialised in geo-information. Our firm originated from Hanzehogeschool, a college in Groningen. Therefore we place a high value on knowledge.

Our employers have an WO/HBO educational background and focus on consultancy, as well as teaching. Because of this combination, our knowledge about geo-information stays up-to-date and our services are continuously adjusted to the latest geospatial innovations.

Accordingly, our philosophy states the following: “The design and organisation of geospatial services consist of three components: information technology (IT), subject matter expertise and organisational change.” All three components can be approached from an individual angle. However, we strive towards an integral approach because this leads to improved and future-proof solutions. Therefore, the use of GIS service within organisations, together with IT and a gradual organisational change, generates a paradigm. This means working towards a successful geospatial service requires specific regulation, tools and expertise. Geon combines all these aspects in its service delivery.
Geon is predominantly working for (semi-)governmental institutions. In short, this means that we are entirely independent from suppliers of systems and data, but we do manage an extensive network of contacts within this sector. Together with umbrella organisations, we work on project basis. For more information please visit our website:

Geon offers you the possibility to broaden your knowledge and experience in the geo-information field by applying for an internship at our firm. In case you are accepted to the internship, you will work on projects with a variety of subjects, for different clients. Most projects will focus on data management, data analyses, visualisation and research. The duration of the internship is flexible. Together with you we will decide on the exact duration.

The GIS specialists working at Geon will supervise you during your internship. For example, intermediary evaluations between you and your internship supervisor will take place on a regularly basis to improve your knowledge about geo-information.