Hennes de Ridder

The first keynote speaker of the geopromotion conference is: Hennes de Ridder!

Prof. dr. ir. Hennes de Ridder is Professor Emeritus of Integrated Design at the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of the TU Delft. Hennes will give a keynote at the Geo Promotion conference concerning LEGOlisation (in Dutch, LEGOlisering).

LEGO is a very familiar product to most of us. With one box of building blocks, a large variety of buildings can be constructed, even by children. The main reason for this is that the geometric relations between the elements are standardised and small in relation to the end-product.

LEGOlisation as a development in its core focuses on the identification and application of these barebones principles of the built environment in such a way that they apply to multiple types of construction. The aggregated relationships and elements of the built environment form a coherent structure. LEGOlisation is a form of artificial accelerated evolution, where data can be used to build or adapt man-made structures, and change our physical environment. This makes the building process more efficient, and gives guidance towards a circular construction economy.