We are KAW. Architects and housing market advisors with an eye for people and society. Our vision on housing and living together with our positive attitude enables us to answer complicated questions with approachable solutions for everyone. The neighbourhood is our habitat, our playground. At KAW, you can learn many things that are affiliated with housing and living. You can gain experience in the design and construction of homes, shaping the living environment, developing new concepts for sustainable living, schools and education, living with care and help. All for both new and existing buildings.

During our workshop we will work on a real life, recent case. Using a serious game we discuss the challenges in making policy decisions around services and accommodations: which services can be sustained in each village? How do we assign limited resources with limited knowledge of the future? We will explore and experience how the living environment of inhabitants is affected by the decisions we make. Help us explore the future and participate in our serious game at the Geo Promotion conference 2021. And of course, use this opportunity to get a glimpse of what we do at KAW! Will you join us?