Metafoor Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling

We live in a time where the demand for housing is sky high, and ‘low-hanging fruit locations’ are rapidly disappearing. This has made the field of urban planning more complex, which makes making sure a project is financially feasible an interesting challenge.

Metafoor Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling is a consultancy firm that helps local governments, housing associations and private companies with this challenge all over the Netherlands. Our core activities focus on project management, public and private law and the financial side of area development. This implies that once a project is desirable and financially feasible, we make sure that the project gets managed and developed within the financial and legal limits.

Does this challenge sound as interesting for you as to us? Metafoor Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling is always looking for new interns or starters who have a great passion for the urban planning field. Let us know if you are interested via