We at Omniplan believe that you achieve the best results when you do what energizes you! Our expertise lies in project and process management, participation management and stakeholder management. Our clients are involved in spatial development. Assignments vary from the (re)development of real estate and housing to the development of wind farms at sea, and from the revitalization of industrial estate to expanding the national energy transition.

The mutual bond is big within our office, even though as a consultancy firm we do not always work together on the same projects. Everyone grants each other his or her successes and acts as supporters in possible challenges that arise. We are an open and transparent organization in which everyone is equal and our colleagues are based all over the Netherlands. Omniplan has a healthy mix of junior, medior and senior consultants who easily find each other on both formal and informal level. We hope to meet you at our workshop!

In consultancy we often work with conflicting interests which have to be involved in decision-making. In the workshop we focus on a case in Amsterdam where you have to advise the mayor and aldermen about the redevelopment of an industrial business park. This old-fashioned and slightly raw area is one of the very few business parks near the city center. The municipality wants to preserve and intensify this unique area for urban services companies, such as hardware stores and furniture makers. However, the landowners see a greater earning potential in housing development. Without the support of landowners, the development of this area will be difficult. What strategy would you advise the city government? And how could digitalization help meet the initial conflicting interests?