Groningen Seaports

Groningen Seaports is the administrator and operator of the harbours of Delfzijl and Eemshaven, as well as the surrounding industrial areas. The organisation provides the complete harbour related services to both her large industrial clients, international data centres and local small-to-medium businesses. The services include providing infrastructure and logistics possibilities, and the supply, maintenance and development of the sites in both harbour areas. There are multiple clustered industrial zones in both harbour areas.

Delfzijl contains a chlorine related chemical substance cluster, and Eemshaven contains an energy cluster with large energy companies like ENGIE, NorNed, Vattenfall and RWE. These clusters attract large energy consumers: amongst which the largest data center in Europe, from the company Google.

Over the past 15 years, over 10 Billion euros have been invested by companies in both harbours. Furthermore, particularly the Eemshaven has greatly expanded. Groningen Seaports acquires multinational companies by cooperating with the corresponding bodies using a plug-and-play model.

Groningen Seaports will host a workshop about economic development in the Northern Netherlands. In 2017, Google announced to build a massive datacenter in the Eemshaven, investing over two billion euro to date. During the workshop Maarten Barthel & Jeroen Dijkstra will discuss the underlying reasons why such a large multinational chose for the Northern Netherlands, the role of its stakeholders and what it takes to maintain and strengthen its position in the future.