Showcase: Kavel10

Learn more about this years’ Geo Promotion conference showcase, provided by Kavel10!

Kavel10 is a company with a lot of international experience in collecting high-quality aerial imagery and LiDAR point cloud data on a large scale. They handled the 3D data collection aspect of the 3D Digital twin city of Groningen.

The aim of the 3D Digital City of Groningen is to create an identical replica of the reality outside. Involved companies consider this ‘3D Digital City’ project as a next step to optimize the entire construction chain, since the 3D model will enable (geo)spatial projects to be carried out faster, more cost efficiently and more transparently.

Based on the high-quality datasets, a state-of-the-art 3D city model with a level of detail (LOD) 2.3 has been created by Kavel10. The building model has also been texturized, but it is also enriched with other attributes from the 2D base map to make the 3D Digital City representation even more true to life.

Kavel10 will give a showcase on the Geo Promotion conference in combination with the municipality of Groningen on how Digital Cities are constructed as well as the way the information they contain can be used to improve real-world spatial projects.