Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions Geo Promotion Event on the 23rd of february 2018


Article 1: Participation costs
1.1 The prices quoted are for the participants including tea/coffee, lunch and drinks afterwards. Stichting Geo Promotion does not charge VAT on the participation costs.
1.2 Prices are in Euros unless expressed in other currencies.
1.3 In the event of oversubscription, the Geo Promotion Foundation reserves the right to determine the entry of participants to the event, this will take place according to the draw whereby FSS students will be given priority. Further draw will take place on the basis of academic year. No costs will be charged to a single person.

Article 2: Payment conditions
2.1 Payment will be made by direct debit via SEPA from direct debit ID NL17ZZZ410116100000 and the specified account number on the participation form.
2.2 Payment will be made within thirty working days after the Stichting Geo Promotion event.
2.3 An invoice of the participation costs can be requested by e-mail, through contact@geopromotion.nl.
2.4 If you have issued an authorization and you do not agree with a depreciation, you can have it reversed. Please contact your bank within 8 weeks of the debit. You can also use your bank to request a standard European direct debit mandate before the moment of debit. If you believe that an amount has been incorrectly debited from your account because you have not issued an authorization, you can you submit a request to your bank to correct this up to 13 months after the date of debit. Check with your bank for the conditions.

Article 3: Cancellation
3.1 Up to 5 working days before date – no later than 17 February 2018 – you can cancel free of charge, exclusively by e-mail. Then we charge the full amount. Of course, your colleague can, in the possession of your admission ticket, replace you at no additional cost
3.2 For students, if 5 working days in advance have not been canceled, all costs incurred so far will be charged. This concerns an amount of ninety euros.
3.3 The costs due after cancellation will be recovered as described in article 2.

Article 4: Program change / cancellation / change date
4.1 Program changes take place exclusively due to force majeure and/or illness of the speakers.
4.2 Your participation in the workshops you have indicated is in principle guaranteed. Only in exceptional cases, as mentioned in article 4.1 and in case of oversubscription of a workshop, a chosen spare workshop will be assigned to you. In the last case, the workshops will be assigned on the basis of chronological order of registration.
4.3 The Geo Promotion Foundation reserves the right to change the date and location of the event at any time, or to refuse or discontinue the event, whether or not caused by force majeure as referred to in Article 6.75 of the Dutch Civil Code. In those cases you can not claim any compensation for any damage.

Article 5: Liability
Geo Promotion is not liable for damage, arising from any cause whatsoever in matters or persons caused by or in connection with participating in our congresses.

Article 6: Applicable law
Dutch law is exclusively applicable to all offers and agreements to which these conditions apply.

Article 7: Other
In all cases in which the agreement and these general terms and conditions do not provide, the chairman of the Geo Promotion board / or the other board members decides.