Tess Osborne

Last but not least, the third keynote speaker of the Geo Promotion conference is Tess Osborne!

Dr. Tess Osborne is a researcher in the faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen. Tess will give a keynote on the relationship between digital technologies and people focusing on the quantitative self and virtual reality.

For her PhD, she used psychophysiological measures to measure emotional responses to heritage landscapes in Birmingham and virtual historic landscapes. She became increasingly interested in digital worlds in geographic research and became a founding member of the Digital Geographies Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society. Her research has focused on the relationship between people and digital technologies; how the digital can enrich people’s capabilities and how digital technologies can help us to better understand ourselves.

While focusing on virtual reality and embodied measures (such as fitbits), Tess will discuss the potentials and issues linked with everyday technologies with society and research. Using examples, she will stress that everyday technologies, while with promise, raise issues related to privacy and ‘solutionism’.