Tom Berendsen

Meet the next keynote speaker of the Geo Promotion conference 2021: Tom Berendsen!

Tom Berendsen is a Dutch member of the European Parliament on behalf of the fraction of the European People’s Party. He will give a keynote at our conference concerning digitalisation, regional development and role of European legislation.

After Tom Berendsen finished his study of public administration at the Universities of Tilburg and Leuven (Belgium), he completed an internship at the lobby office of Brabantstad in Brussels. Following that, he worked as an employee of the CDA (Christen Democratisch Appèl) for over 6 years in the European Parliament. From on 2015 he was active for over 4,5 years at the Consultancy Office until he was officially appointed member of the European Parliament in July 2019.

Digitalization hugely affects regional developments within the European Union. Not only economically, but also from a social and demographic perspective. How does European legislation have to respond to and lead the way for these developments? Furthermore, how does the European Union serve to protect the digital infrastructure in reflection to the increasing power of Big Tech companies? There are plenty of pressing issues that need to be dealt with adequately!