Weusthuis en Partners

We are Weusthuis & Partners! We are a consultancy firm, specialized in the management of complex spatial projects and processes. Operating both in urban and rural areas, we always aim to combine substantive knowledge with a process-based approach. Our team consists of process managers from several backgrounds and with diverse expertise, working on projects related to water management, spatial development, real estate, participatory processes and strategic policy papers. Our mission is to add value to our environment by inspiring work and to be a platform for our employees to develop themselves both personally and professionally! We hope to see you at our workshop!

Workshop: The Weusthuis Challenge

To what extent does data help in spatial planning projects? Is data the holy grail? And in what way can data conflict with people’s personal interests?

During our workshop, we will take a look at a case from one of our own projects. Together with your fellow students you will work on a design for a development area. Within this process you will find a lot of stakeholders, diverse interests and conflicting ideas. However, what is the right way to go? And what role does the data provided play in the decisions you make? What do you do when people around the table have different ideas than the data suggests?

In our interactive workshop you will have a brief sneak peek in how it is to be a project and process manager in spatial planning projects. How do you reach consensus? And what do you do when consensus seems unreachable? Curious? Join our workshop!