In order to optimally utilize the space in our densely populated country, puzzling with land and space is a daily necessity. Whether it concerns the construction of windmills, solar parks or adaptations as the consequences of environmental requirements and climate change, or the realization of new nature, land is needed for all these spatial developments. 
As Kadaster, we register and provide information about the location of real estate in the Netherlands and the associated rights, such as property and mortgage. We also do this for ships, aircraft and underground networks. This statutory task ensures legal certainty. From this registration of the actual situation, Kadaster analyzes the problems and possibilities of an area, facilitates solution scenarios and guarantees legal certainty. We are convinced that the development of an area can only be done in a strong form of cooperation, in which all interests are represented.
For the sustainable energy transition, we will have to use our scarce space substantially differently. Competition may arise with the demand for space from other sectors. In the workshop, you and your colleagues will work together to make the considerations, discuss the dilemmas and look for combinations and solutions, to meet the demand for space for energy transition. Get in the shoes of the stakeholders and make the puzzle together.


Note: this workshop will be in DutchLogo-kadaster