Foundation Geo Promotion
The Geo Promotion Foundation was founded in 1986 by students of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences of the University of Groningen. Over the years, Geo Promotion has organized several events such as symposia, seminars, and colloquials for the faculty. These activities all have a geographic, spatial, or real estate background.

Our goal
The main goal of the Geo Promotion Foundation is to provide an accessible mode for students to explore career options. Moreover, the organized events also aim to prompt meaningful discussions on relevant spatial issues.

The Geo Promotion Conference
Geo Promotion’s goal to connect students to the working field is characterized by the yearly organization of the largest spatial conference in the Northern Netherlands. The Geo Promotion Conference is usually attended by approximately 250 participants, consisting of ambitious (international) students and staff members -mainly from the University of Groningen-, governments and companies.

Each year, by means of an interactive day program consisting of lectures, workshops and discussions, a theme is discussed regarding a spatial issue. The conference is an opportunity for students
to familiarize themselves with companies and professionals in our field, and vice versa.

With the support of the faculty’s study association Ibn Batutta, a Geo Promotion board consisting of up to six members is formed. It is then the task of the board to organize an educational activity for students of the faculty, which most often takes the shape of the yearly Geo Promotion Conference.

Want to know more?
If you have any questions, or want to get in touch, do not hestitate to send an email to contact@geopromotion.nl. You can also find us on Instagram or LinkedIn.