Geo Promotion Conference
March 10th, 2023

Geo Promotion Conference March 10th, 2023

Foundation Geo Promotion

Connecting students to the working field!

Welcome to the website of Geo Promotion.

Foundation Geo Promotion annually organizes an event that gives the opportunity for students to explore the field of spatial sciences. Our main goal is to connect students to the working field. Your future has our interest. Geo Promotion has organized events concerning the topics of geography, spatial planning, water management, demographics and many more. On this website you can find more information about the upcoming event(s), our board, previous themes and how to get in contact with us.

The Geo Promotion Conference 2023 has taken place on the 10th of March!

The photos are available here and the after movie here!

The day schedule for the Geo Promotion Conference 2023 will consist of the following events:



8:45 – 9:00


9:00 – 9:20


9:20 – 11:25

First part plenary program

11:25 – 11:45

Coffee break

11:45 – 12:20 

Second part plenary program

12:20 – 13:10


13:10 – 16:20

Interactive company workshops

16:20 – 18:00

Networking drinks

This year's conference theme:

0 to 100: Balancing multi-generational spatial needs

How do different generations meet and, more importantly, interact? Do the diverging interests of all generations have to be treated separately, or do these have to be addressed in a ‘one size fits all’ solution? Current trends like an aging population and societal individualization are slow processes, something we have grown accustomed to. Pressing intergenerational issues regarding the housing crisis, the energy crisis, and overburdened infrastructure demand creative innovations from the future professionals of our working field. Are these crises to be addressed merely in the short term, or are long-term solutions required? New ways should be found, to connect age 0 to 100. 

This year's conference location:

Martiniplaza Groningen

As the organizers of the Geo Promotion Conference, we are thrilled to announce that this year’s event will be held at Martiniplaza, the biggest event location in the northern Netherlands. With all amenities in-house, Martiniplaza is the perfect venue for the Geo Promotion Conference, offering multiple workshop rooms, a plenary hall, and a comfortable atmosphere.

This year's conference host:

Laura Bas

Laura Bas (1996) is a multiple award-winning Changemaker, Public Speaker and Moderator. As a speaker, she specializes in meaningful youth participation, millennials, gen z and gender equality. Last April, at age 25, Laura addressed the importance of youth participation and gender equality to world leaders at the United Nations with a self-written speech. In addition, she was employed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Youth Ambassador for Sexual Rights and Gender Equality. In that role, she consulted hundreds of young people, who shared insights and recommendations with her. The United Nations is not the only international stage Laura entered. She has spoken at TEDxAmsterdamWomen, Unicef, Microsoft and Girls not Brides. She expanded her knowledge about young people and equal opportunities in the labor market, by conducting research on Millennials & Work together with generation expert Dr. Aart Bontekoning. Moreover, she has been advising several organizations on youth participation.

Our first keynote speaker:

Peter Pelzer

Peter Pelzer is Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Geography and Planning and affiliated with the Urban Futures Studio, both at Utrecht University. According to Peter, spatial planners need to be more future-oriented in their approach to dealing with major long-term crises. In his essay “Verantwoordelijk voor de toekomst,” he addresses the question of what the open, resilient city of the future looks like. Besides his academic career, you can know Peter as one of the hosts of the podcast “Onder Planologen”, in which he discusses the history of Dutch spatial planning with researchers and those directly involved.

Our second keynote speaker:

Emiel Reiding

Emiel Reiding (1970) is director of the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA). This region has an enormous appeal to people who want to live there, to visitors and companies. However, the high quality of life is under pressure in various areas and requires a leap in scale in a number of areas.
In the MRA, 33 governments work together in the field of spatial development, economy and mobility.
With a share of more than 20% in the gross domestic product, the MRA is the engine of the Dutch economy.
Reiding previously worked at the Ministry of the Interior as director of The National Strategy of Spatial Planning and the Environment, which deals with the future design and development of the living environment in the Netherlands

Our third keynote speaker:

Viviana Cordero

Viviana Cordero is a co-founder of Huasipichanga, an urban consultancy focused on creating more playful, inclusive, and livable cities. Her work is focused on planning cities hand in hand with children driven by the concepts of co-creation and intergenerational justice. She is a leader at the PlacemakingX global network and is currently doing a Ph.D. on child-friendly cities at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen.
Playful cities
Public spaces reflect how inclusive a society is. It is in the public space that people from all generations can meet and interact. In this keynote, I would present how playful cities can improve intergenerational interaction increasing well-being. People of all ages need to play to develop their cognitive, physical, social, creative, and emotional skills. Planning, placemaking, and design can help us include play in the city to foster healthy generations of citizens.

Our fourth keynote speaker:

Jodi Sturge

Jodi Sturge is an assistant professor with the Interaction Design (IxD) group in the Department of Design, Production and Management, Faculty of Engineering Technology at the University of Twente. As a health geographer and design researcher, she is interested in how the design of built environments and technology can enhance human interaction, health and well-being. Jodi has a PhD in Demography from the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen. Her research focused on the mobility, social health and well-being of people with memory problems and dementia in public space. Jodi has experience conducting transdisciplinary, mixed-method research and evaluation that support inclusive, accessible, and socially sustainable design.


Ageing in place: a socially sustainable approach to planning public spaces and housing for older adults

As the global population ages, more older adults will age in place and live at home. Ageing in place can support personal autonomy however, often older adults experience social exclusion and loneliness, which are risk factors for poor mental and physical health. With a focus on social health, social sustainability and co-design, this presentation will describe research and best practices detailing how the design of public spaces and housing can help alleviate the risk of loneliness and support the social inclusion of older adults and all citizens.

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Companies Geo Promotion Conference 2023


Companies Geo Promotion Conference 2023


Companies Geo Promotion Conference 2023

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The Board

37th Board of Foundation Geo Promotion

The board of Foundation Geo Promotion takes care of the organization of the yearly event. This team of students aspires to offer students with an interest in spatial sciences a fantastic day. This year the board of Foundation Geo Promotion consists of:

Chairman: Lieke Mijnheer
Vice-chairman: Frenk van Stipriaan
Secretary: Merle Aarnink
Treasurer: Mike Löwik
Internal Relations: Esmee Appelman
External Relations: Mariëlle Lunshof

Committee of Recommendations

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The Geo Promotion Foundation was founded in 1986 by students of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences from the University of Groningen. Over the years Geo Promotion has organized several events such as symposia, seminars, and colloquials for the faculty. These activities all have a geographic, spatial, or real estate background.

Statutory Task

The foundation goes under the name Stichting Geo Promotion and is located in the city of Groningen.

The foundation aims to stimulate interest and involvement in the geographic and spatial sciences worldwide, thus providing more knowledge from the geographic scientific field.




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