Company profile: Weusthuis & Partners

At Weusthuis and Partners we work on spatial development processes without distantiating from the content of the subject. We are a consultancy firm with 15 advisors, located in Groningen. We work on various assignments in spatial development for governments in the North of the Netherlands. We add value through vision development, by guiding complex spatial processes and by leading programs and projects. We work in both urban and rural areas: on strategies on spatial planning (omgevingsvisies), urban renewal, sustainability programs, real estate, and the development of rural areas. There is much more to tell, so come visit us at Geo Promotion! Learn more about us on

Workshop description

At Weusthuis and Partners we work on spatial developments in both urban and rural areas. In our work we often encounter situations in which different interests collide regarding a spatial development. For example, when development initiatives collide with preservation of the natural or cultural characteristics of an area. In such a case, different interests need to be balanced out. In this workshop, we want to find out about these different viewpoints and look at different perspectives of a spatial development. The key in handling these kinds of situations is in the process. Therefore, we will introduce one of our tools to get these different interests on the table and work towards a solution with different stakeholders. Also, we will of course introduce our consultancy firm and bits of our work. If you got curious, you are welcome to join our workshop!