Company profile: Buro Rondom

Buro Rondom is a dynamic consultancy specialising in projects in the physical environment, such as high-voltage routes, rail tunnels and participation processes in energy transition. With offices in Groningen and Zwolle, we serve the North and the East of the Netherlands. Our strength lies in local knowledge, providing advice and supervising projects in various areas of stakeholder management and project management. We feel at home where interests converge, both in the planning phase as well as during implementation. Learn more about us on

Workshop description

In the dynamic world of spatial planning, navigating through complex challenges is the norm. Successfully tackling these challenges involves collaboration with diverse stakeholders. Every development project involves individuals with unique interests and desires. How do you navigate through these diverse interests, and how do you foster genuine dialogue to move forward in the project? These are the intriguing questions you’ll explore in our engaging workshop on stakeholder management. You will step into the role of one stakeholder and try to negotiate your interests with other stakeholders at a location that needs to be redeveloped. Join us for an interactive workshop!