Company profile: Geon

Geon is a small, independent consultancy company that transforms stand-alone geodata to coherent and solid geo-information. This helps organisations to tackle spatial design challenges. Whether it is about the technical, substantive or organisational aspects of geo-information, with Geon you are at the right place! Our experienced employees support various organisations, either in the role of GIS specialist, trainer, project leader or advisor. Here, they unlock valuable geo-information that provides new insights in societal issues. Learn more about us on

Workshop description

User stories in GIS
Embark on a journey into user stories with our workshop, designed to demystify the needs of users and transform them into impactful narratives for solutions provided by Geographic Information System (GIS).

User stories in GIS are narratives that express the user’s needs and expectations, emphasizing the practical application of GIS. They are a powerful tool in GIS development as they shift the focus from technical specifications to user practices, promoting clearer communication and efficient prioritization of features.

In this interactive session participants will dive into user stories, crafting narratives that shape GIS solutions. Step away from overwhelming project specs and tech talk, and focus on what truly matters in GIS: how it leads to real solutions. During the workshop we will break down into teams and guide you along each step of the user story design process. You will create a story map and layout your user stories with priorities and business values to then determine your solution in GIS.