Company profile: Kadaster

Land Registry and Mapping Agency.

Collect and register administrative and spatial data on property and rights involved 

The Netherlands’ Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency – in short Kadaster – collects and registers administrative and spatial data on property and the rights involved. This also goes for ships, aircraft and telecom networks. Doing so, Kadaster protects legal certainty. We are also responsible for national mapping and maintenance of the national reference coordinate system. Furthermore, we are an advisory body for land-use issues and national spatial data infrastructures. Learn more about us on:

Workshop description

The Land Consolidation simulation game

In order to optimally utilize the space in our densely populated country, puzzling with land and space
is a daily necessity. As Kadaster, we register and provide information about the location of real estate
in the Netherlands and the associated rights. This statutory task ensures legal certainty. From this
registration of the actual situation, Kadaster analyses the problems and opportunities of an area,
facilitates solution scenarios and guarantees legal certainty. We are convinced that the development
of an area can only be done in a strong form of cooperation, in which all interests are represented.
Dutch rural areas are facing enormous challenges. Competition may arise with the demand for space
from several interests. Land consolidation can be a helpful tool to solve the puzzle. In the workshop
participants will mark together to make the consideration, discuss the dilemmas and look for
combinations and solutions, to meet the demand for space. We will do so with an unique method:
simulation gaming.