Company profile: Apokrifi

Apokrifi Construction is a project bureau based in Serbia. It’s a team of engineers with years of international experience dedicated to finding the best solutions for designing prefabricated elements. For the past six years, with our clients and colleagues from the Netherlands, we have worked on more than 2.000.000 m2 and 1.500 projects in the Netherlands.

We strongly believe that even a small step towards a greener and more sustainable build is a step in the right direction. And we are determined to find the way or to build one! Learn more about us on

Workshop description

 Harmony in Concrete

You probably know, and the United Nations predicts that by 2050, there will be nearly 10 billion people on our planet, with almost 70% living in cities. As more people live in cities, the construction industry is facing the challenge of building 13,000 buildings a day from 2018 through 2050.

This is a huge task, and companies in the constantly growing market are facing challenges in building future cities that are greener, more digital, and inclusive.

Precast construction has five major advantages over conventional construction in solving this problems.
Firstly, it is more efficient with shorter lead times and higher precision. Secondly, it increases work safety on the construction site as components no longer have to be made directly on-site. Thirdly, it promotes sustainability by avoiding material waste due to efficient industrial prefabrication. Fourthly, it provides accuracy of cost and time planning. Finally, tight schedules can be met thanks to weather-independent production.

To achieve that, we need to include people with different backgrounds, knowledge, and vision.
Together with you, we’ll create ideal teams for the Design Thinking Exercise ”Greening in Concrete.”
You will engage in collaborative sessions, give your unique point of view, and explore ways to integrate green spaces into precast concrete houses. The second part of the exercise demonstrates the utilization of BIM in sustainable design. Building harmonious cities in the future requires mutual engagement of knowledge and experience.

Everything starts and ends with people.


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