Company Profile: Dura Vermeer

Dura Vermeer is a real estate development and construction company from the Netherlands. With over 165 years of experience we still carry the heart and soul of a family-owned company.

As a subsidiary, Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo provides five main activities (real estate development, residential construction, utility construction, renovation & transformation and management & operation) in the northern, eastern and middle regions of The Netherlands. We like to dream big, with our head in the clouds – but always with both feet on the ground. Learn more by visiting

Workshop description


De Suikerzijde is a new district area in the city of Groningen. Dura Vermeer is the urban developer and builder of the first parts of this new area.
With more than 5,000 homes, a train station and various urban facilities, it is a clear densification of Groningen, where the challenge also lies in strengthening the green infrastructure.
Inspire us about possible solutions in greening the city and the green infrastructure of De Suikerzijde. In this case study/workshop we asked about your creativity and view over greening the public areas, buildings and people’s behaviour in this new part of Groningen. How can we create a new green infrastructure for the new inhabitants (people and animals) from De Suikerzijde.


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