Metafoor Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling is a nationally operating consultancy. We focus on advising (local) governments, housing associations and private organisations. Our core activities include project management, public and private law and the financial side of area development. Our work is all about high-quality advice concerning the factors that influence the financial outcome of land development.

Metafoor Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling is always looking for new interns or starters who have a great passion for the financial side of area development. Contact us if you are interested!

New projects can be beautiful and desirable, for example due to the shortage of housing. However, these projects will not be undertaken without a positive financial result. But how do you achieve the financial feasibility of projects? In our interactive workshop* you will play the role of the financial advisor; in our calculation model you will play with numbers concerning different factors in spatial development to achieve the highest possible financial feasibility. As there are three contradictory interests in the workshop (municipality, developer and residents), you will experience how difficult it is to combine all these interests, in your target for a high financial result.

*Metafoor will provide a workshop that is in Dutch!